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It’s not unusual for us to find that people who hired us to help them with their roofing problem have capping boards fitted over their existing timber fascias instead of having their old timber removed and replaced with the more sustainable UPVC fascias. While this may appear to be the most cost effective option initially, over the long run will end up costing you not only more money, but has the potential of causing costly damage to your home over time. The rotted wood they should have removed is still there, continuing to deteriorate every year that it’s left in place. Eventually it’s going to become infested with insects andvermin the nails will loosen and the fascias will end up unsecured and exposed to the elements. BustaGrimes recommends a complete UPVC Soffit and fascia replacement if you want to avoid expensive problems in the future.Thefollowing gutter installation information and suggestions will help you better understand your options.

Wood vs. UPVC

Wood is a permeable material, meaning that water can breach its outer layer, meaning that it’s not as sustainable as UPVC Replacement. In addition, as the wood rots, wood wbustagrimes-after-back-full-fascia-soffit-gutter-replacementorm, insects and vermin can cause even more structural damage. UPVC Soffits and Fascias not only won’t rot, they don’t discolour and never need to be painted. Even more impressive, they’ll remain maintenance free for at least 40 years.

Eaves Guard

Decaying timber fascias are typically the end result of water damage due to broken tiles, impaired felt and cracked verges. The old exposed felt strip area is the one that is usually the most susceptible to water damage. In many cases the fascia exterior looks undamaged, hiding the deterioration underneath. Inspecting and replacing the eaves felt is an important part of UPVC Soffit, Fascia and Gutter installations.


Ensuring that air is circulating in your roof minimizes build up of the condensation that can cause the dampness and mould that often leads to rotten wood. A high quality ventilation system will ensure that your roof timber last significantly longer. Your ventilation system options include UPVC fascia ventilation or soffit air vents to safeguard your roofline as well as the roof from retaining moisture.

It’s important to hire, installation experts that follow industry best practices and
completely replace the existing fascia and soffit timber boards. BustaGrimes specialising in UPVC, fascia, soffit and gutter installations and roof replacement and is happy to provide expert advice as well. All of our installation experts set the highest standards in customer care and product quality and consistentlybustagrimes-after-lower-back-full-fascia-soffit-gutter-replacement research and implement all of the latest, highly effective installation techniques, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment. Our UPVC, fascia and soffit products are guaranteed to never flake, rot, or require painting and will protect your home by keeping it dry and by preventing entrance to vermin, birds and insects. It’s our goal to play a part in keeping your home looking its very best for years.

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