Are you in need of your roof cleaning, Is your roof looking tired and unloved? Do you require a professional company to revive the look of your roof? we will provide you with FREE no obligation quote for roof cleaning, roof moss removal, roof repairs and roof coatings throughout Cheshire, we provide roof cleaning in Chester, Knutsford, Tarvin, Nantwich, Congleton and Macclesfield. The U.K weather provides a breading ground for Moss, Algae and Lichen and it is imperative that these issues are addressed professionally to avoid any problems like damp and leaks.

Roof coatings are the cost effective way of regaining the brand new look if done correctly with the customers best interests at heart, a roof coating can provide a dramatic difference to the overall look of your home while adding extra value, you can choose from a range of colours to suit your property and taste, along with our equipment we only use market leading products, anything else simply will not do.

BustaGrimes can provide you with the professional attention that your roof needs with extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of roof cleaning and roof coating.

As every home and circumstance differs, you will be given a bespoke service with our 100% attention until the work is completed.

Firstly we will determin whether your roof has enough of a Moss problem for us to have to pre-treat the area, once this has been addressed we will then use the lastest state of the art adjustable pressure equipment to rid the years of Roof moss, dirt and debris from your roof,  Roof Moss can often hide an array of problems, and when removed, those problems are brought to attention, Once the Roof moss Removal has been done and clean has been completed we will deal with those problems accordingly before the application and replace any defective mortar where necessary, any cracked or broken tiles will also be replaced at this point, a fungicidal treatment is then applied to ensure that any remaining Moss or Algae spores are eradicated. If you have applied for a roof sealant/coating then We move onto the final installation stage, applying the sealant/coating, we apply 2 coats  to ensure a proper and even coverage, we see too many roofs that only have 1 application which in turn looks worse than it did in the first place and defeats the whole object of the service, at BustaGrimes we only give you the best so our roof coatings come with a 15 year guarantee against flaking, peeling and lifting, each order will provide us with a 3 digit holistic tracking reference number label, we will provide you with before and after pictures of the job and while many companies claim to treat your roof, they will not so we will also provide photographic evidence of this process. You will then be automatically transferred to our aftercare system, a system that will provide you with everything you need in aftercare for as long as is necessary, we find that our customer service is relatively unchallenged and is unrivalled in our industry. If you would like a FREEno obligation quotation to carry out a roof clean, comprehensive roof repairs and an application of a protective roof coating from our range then please call us FREE on 0800 206 23 83 alternatively you can complete our online enquiry form