Roof Repairs and replacements

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Taking care of your roof is one of the most important things you can do. Without it, your home would be directly exposed to the prevailing weather conditions. You might think you’ll enjoy the view, but what if it’s raining or there’s a storm?
Busta Grimes provides roof repair services for your home to make certain that you never need to be troubled by leaks or other problems with your roof. We can get the work done quickly and professionally, leaving your roof as good as new and working in a safe manner throughout.
Wind and rain can cause major problems for your home if your roof is in need of repair. Your roof could have be damaged by wind to begin with (slipped of fallen slates and tiles, for example), or there may be some other issue that affects the integrity of the roof. Further wind can cause more damage, resulting in cracks, holes, or large sections to detach.
Other issues, including the growth of moss, can cause small cracks or holes to appear.
Any hole in your roof, no matter what size it is, can become an entryway for water. Once through the roof, water can get inside the structure of your building and cause weakness in supporting structures. This can cause major structural problems, which is a headache nobody needs.
To prevent these structural problems, you need to let Busta Grimes fix any problems with your roof as quickly as possible.
From small patch-up jobs to tile replacements, we are also skilled with flat roof repairs, protective coatings, and other maintenance work.
We’re fully insured and work to the highest safety standards. We operate a system wherein there are always two people on the roof at a time – this increases safety and helps prevent accidents. Plus, it helps us to get the job completed more effectively and efficiently.
We will happily work on all kinds of roof, and will provide you with a free quote before undertaking any work. Keeping your roof maintained will keep the rest of your house in good shape for the future, as water damage is easier to prevent than it is to repair.
Our team members are always polite, friendly, and helpful. We always put the needs of our customers in first place, and we work hard to make sure you are satisfied.
We offer cost effective solutions and always leave a good impression – nothing says “customer satisfaction” more clearly than when you recommend us to your friends, family, and colleagues.
If you have a problem with your roof and you would like it solved quickly, simply, and easily, and at a price that is affordable, get in touch with Busta Grimes today.