DuoPly Reinforced EPDM

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DuoPly™ EPDM roofing system is ideal for virtually any residential, commercial or industrial flat roofing project and contractor.

We provide and install 2 types of EPDM. DuoPly EPDM and ClassicBond EPDM, here we show you the benefits of our DuoPly systems, please also refer to our Classic Bond page to see which service will suit your needs best.

DuoPly™ EPDM roofing membrane is a polyester reinforced elastomeric flat roofing membrane. A flexible and elastic rubber membrane that is chemically and thermally stable with exceptional weather resistance.

High Performance EPDM Roofing
From DuoPly

….DuoPly™ EPDM membrane is comprised of a EPDM laminated to polyester reinforcement layer.
….Improved tear resistance, 180% greater than comparable non-fleece reinforced flat roof membranes.
….Provides 40% greater puncture resistance than comparable non-fleece reinforced roofing membranes
….Allows old flat roof repair without removal
….Adheres to almost all flat roofing substrates
….A full range of components and details for a complete watertight, flat roof system.
….Less roofing material to load onto the roof, finished installation of under 2 kg/m²
….Fast and reliable installation and no open flames on the roof.
….External fleece reinforcement creates a very thick 2.54mm sheet
….34% fewer seams than Modified Bitumen with DuoPly™ 1.52m wide EPDM Roofing membrane
….Ideal for repair, renewal or new build

Top 10 Selling Points Compared to Modified Bitumen

1. Natural Resource Conservation: DuoPly™ membranes generally weigh less than 2 kilograms per m² compared to an average on 9 kilgrams per m² for modified Bitumen systems. DuoPly™ EPDM systems consume far fewer resources, making them a smart move for the planet.
2. Reduce Oil Consumption: Asphalt is a by product of oil. DuoPly™ EPDM can be produced from domestic sources of natural gas.
3. Ponding Water: Ponding water accelerates the loss of surface granules and exposes asphalt membranes to more UV rays, leading many Mod Bit suppliers to void their warranties. While roofs should be designed to avoid ponding water, DuoPly™ membranes are not adversely affected by this phenomenon.
4. Flashing Details: Many mod-bit systems details are all field fabricated, resulting in increased labour time and varying results. DuoPly™ offers a wide array of pre – fabricated, and pressure-sensitive (peel & stick) accessories that are easier to install.
5. Safer/Less Disruptive Adhesive: Mod Bit is installed using 220°C asphalt. Torch- applied Mod Bit also poses danger. Many Mod Bit Cold Adhesives contain high amounts of solvents. All three present problems or undue risk to the building owner. DuoPly™ EPDM flat roofing system is installed with water-based acrylic adhesive. Which have little or no odours, fumes or VOCs.
6. Simply Designed & Cost Competitive: Most Mod Bit suppliers offer a variety of different cap and base sheets with their own performance and installation nuances. DuoPly™ has one thicknesses 2.54mm and its ability to recover virtually any surface makes them very competitive with traditional modified systems.
7. Reflectivity: Mod Bitumen roofing sheets rely on factory-applied acrylic coatings, films or special granules to protect them from harmful UV rays. Each has the potential to become dislodged or un-bonded over time. The granule surface texture also promotes dirt accumulation compared to smooth-surfaced DuoPly™ membranes that aren’t effected by UV rays or extremes of temperature.
8. Fewer Seams: Field seams are where workmanship issues can compromise the integrity of the roofing system. DuoPly™ EPDM sheets reduce the frequency of field seams by one third compared to 3′-wide rolls of mod bit. Pre-Applied Seam Tapes also reduce the impact of workmanship on site as the seams are pre installed in factory conditions.
9. Reduced Labour: DuoPly™ membranes are single ply membranes. Installed in one layer, but a finished roof that is stronger. Less materials means less materials to load onto the flat roof, one layer not 2 or 3 to install. As labour quite often is the most expensive part of the project these savings can’t be missed.
10. Puncture Resistance: DuoPly™ membranes offer greater dynamic puncture resistance than two-ply Mod Bit in the ASTM D5635 puncture test.